Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Costume Collection - Triple Feature

It's that wonderful time of year again. Black cats, bubbling cauldrons, sticky cobwebs...and all sorts of little tricks among the treats. I am actually holding a kinship Halloween Costume Contest this season for Turning of the Tide. I've given them the task of creating either something scary or finding an ingenious way to dress like a character from LOTR lore. The submission deadline will be October 26, after which the players will be able to vote for the top 3 outfits until November 2. I'll be revealing the winners on November 3, each receiving a prize for their efforts. I'll be posting all the outfits submitted on my blog : ) If I knew I was going to judge a server event sooner, I might have opened this up to everybody!

In an attempt to inspire kinnies to create the best outfits they can create, I'll post some of my ideas here. I've opted to move towards the scary and away from the lore for now. I might post a few lore-based outfits in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Black Pyromancer

Some of you may notice that this looks incredibly similar to the War-forged Defender's outfit. You'd be correct, however the coloration is different. Using black, along with the Visage of the Goat mask, definitely changed the mood of entire costume. Something that once looked warm and noble transformed into a vision of terror and senseless destruction. This will probably remain a favorite outfit of mine, which I will gladly use to disorient other players. Believe it or not, my minstrel, Nathrien, actually wears this!

Head: Visage of the Goat (Black, LOTRO Store)
Shoulders: Hyrde-Axle (Black, Dunland quest reward)
Back: Cloak of Shadow and Flame (Black, Moria epic books rare drop - New Devilry)
Chest: Flame-touched Hauberk (Black, skirm camp cosmetic vendor)
Hands: Gloves of Forbidden Love (Black, Great River quest reward)
Feet: Ceremonial Pathfinder's Boots (Black, Moria skirm camp cosmetic vendor)

Mistress of Desolation

Ah, another fun costume to piece together. I've always wanted to put those hard-earned LM robe and shoulders from Dol Guldur to use, and they served very well here. I had been thinking of witches when I made this, and black (once again) fit this outfit best. Finding the appropriate circlet had been a royal pain. None of the standard ones seemed to work here...but then I found one from the OD token vendors that worked perfectly! I was surprised how well it blended in dyed gold. 

Head: Lesser Memory of the West Hat (Gold, OD Lore-master class vendor)
Shoulders: Lore-keeper's Shoulders (Black, BG Lore-master class vendor)
Chest: Lore-keeper's Robe (Black, BG Lore-master class vendor)
Boots: Boots of Fleetness (Black, world drop)
Staff: Amber Staff (Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu level 50 raid) 

Berserk Forgemaster

Believe it or not, this entire outfit started with that Firework face guard. I had this crazy idea for some bloodthirsty crafter, one that either crafted weapons or armor, who was sick of having his weapons stolen. So what does he do? Hunts down the thieves that pilfer from him and leaves nobody alive to tell the tale. I needed to find some red colored and bloodstained gear, and that's when those incredible legs and cloak make their debut. Tossing in a few rough and sharp-edged pieces helped complete this!

Head: Firework Launcher's Head Guard (Red, Anniversary Festival barter item)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Brazen Call (Crimson, Moria heavy armor token vendor)
Back: Silky Cloak of Destruction (Crimson, Dunland quest reward)
Chest: Enduring Breastplate of Might (Crimson, world drop) <--also buyable from heavy armor vendors
Legs: Lesser Cry of the West Leggings (Crimson, OD Captain token vendor)
Hands: Ceremonial Dragon-scale Gloves (Crimson, Helegrod skirm camp cosmetic vendor)
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Pathfinder (Crimson, Moria skirm camp cosmetic vendor)


  1. My favorite is Mistress of Desolation but I love them all. If I were your kinmates I would be very inspired. Good luck with your costume party :)

    1. Thank you Devonna! I really had a lot of fun designing these :) It's not too often that something unrelated to LOTRO gets those creative juices flowing. I really hope my kinmates get some inspiration from these because I would like this event of mine to be a complete success like the Rangers of the West event!

  2. Very nice! My favourite is the Forgemaster, what a great outfit! Those are among my favourite leggings and they look amazing with the breastplate you chose.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries from your contest. I love when LOTRO players get creative! :D

    1. Thanks Starry! I had been saving those leggings for the longest time and finally put them to use. The OD pieces always look stunning, though they can be hard to use cosmetically outside of their sets. It's a shame they cost so many medallions. Perhaps Turbine will make them cosmetically available through the skirm camps? We all can only hope : )

  3. That mask is crazy wonderful on the Black Pyromancer! My favorite is also the Mistress of Desolation, but wonderful creativity on all of them. You gave me some great ideas. :)

    1. Thank you Rayne! I'd have to say that Visage of the Goat is by far my favorite LOTRO mask. The Gothic-like designs on the front of the piece are absolutely beautiful! It also seems that almost everybody likes the Mistress costume best. I don't know if its because of those prized LM pieces from BG or if it's the coloration and simplicity of it. I love it too, but I don't think I could ever choose which of these is my favorite!

      Plus, I'm glad I could give you some ideas : )

  4. I swear I replied to this the other day... Anyway, I dig the Forgemaster and the Mistress of Desolation

  5. Great Halloween outfits! I should get to making something halloween-themed for my Elves, but... Elves and evil don't mix well unfortunately :D


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