Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rohan Cosmetics - The Ups and Downs

Rohan is finally here! New cosmetics finally available to all players across all crafts somewhere other than Bullroarer! I can't wait to see what wonderful combinations the cosmetic community creates with these! If you haven't had the chance to see the new gear, I had posted a preview back in August on the Riders of Rohan Cosmetics. Feel free to check it out, but keep in mind it was only a partial preview. I didn't want to reveal everything right away. Part of the pleasure in outfitting, I've discovered, is being surprised by the design of a particular piece in the dressing room panel : )

On another note, the current pricing situation with the War-Steed dyes and cosmetics is rather depressing. Now to add my voice to the chorus. As much as I have supported the cosmetic community the past 3 years, and as much as this pains me to do so, I will not be supporting or purchasing any of the mount dyes and skin colors at their current prices. 595 TP for four dyes, per character and not per account, is a complete rip-off. We're looking at approximately $70 just to outfit one character with all the available color packs. I have 7 Rohan-ready characters and I most certainly will not fork over $500 of my hard-earned cash for something so outrageous. Even though I'm not dedicating this blog to steed cosmetics, I hope that one day I'll be able to purchase these with a minimal impact to my wallet.

Until one of the following happens, I'll be leaving the LOTRO Store alone in terms of steed customization:

1)The dyes are split up and can be individually purchased for 150 TP each, even if they remain on a 'per character' basis.
2) The dye packages remain priced the same, but the colors become account-wide.

But here's something I've been meaning to ask...whatever happened to the armor sets on the mannequin steeds in Beta or to the skins featured here? Those were some kick-ass cosmetics!

For more detailed information on the topic, please visit the following:

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign this petition on the LOTRO forums and help us convince Turbine to reduce the outrageous costs of these war-steed cosmetic packages!!! Even if you don't outfit your characters, but read the community's blogs, help us make new content available to everybody and show Turbine that they're ruining the player economy!


Nathrien riding around Skittles using the free dyes. "The colors, Duke! The colors!"


  1. I tell you what, I don't like that the heavy regional Rohan mounts from the store all have a significant amount of un-dyeable brown plate barding. If they cost so much, they oughta look different at least.

    1. Yeah, there's a lot of armor you can't customize with those sets, and on top of it, I can only view the halters when I try it on from the store panel! It would be nice to view the entire set. I say we push for a true Middle-Earth Body Shop so we can determine how much armor, what size and type of decals, and how much of each armor piece we can dye!


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