Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gift of Foresight - Lanael of Gladden

Author's Note: It's not often that I encounter someone who gets excited over a very specific cosmetic. I recently resumed using a long forgotten Twitter account, and happened to post that I snagged a particular piece of gear. It wasn't long before I received a tweet saying "For now I can only dream of getting it :D I can't wait to see your outfit :)" I was going to have this automatically published sometime in early January due to scheduling reasons, but I decided to squeeze this in early. Lorinell, this is for you!

After two arduous years of raiding and running retro content, I finally managed to get my hands on the chest piece elf-stone from the Mistress of Pestilence in Dâr Narbugud. Although the elf-stones are bound to account, this is a Rune-keeper exclusive item--the Robe of the Lady's Foresight. You'll have to drag a level 60 Rune-keeper to Caras Galadhon to barter for it. Similar to obtaining the class-specific teal armor from the Moria instance cluster, you won't be able to talk to a class vendor in the Twenty-first Hall unless you are that class. It's sad when a restriction like this many great cosmetic pieces either go unnoticed or unused.

Reviewing the past year and a half of posts, I've noticed that I use some of the most elaborate pieces when outfitting. Fancy patterns, exquisite designs...that sort of thing. The majority of them are either from post level 50 content or the higher crafting tiers. I remember I had first taken a slight interest in cosmetics when I had several characters at 65 during the Mirkwood days. However, I didn't start blogging until the early days of Isengard. Due to this, I missed out on the chance to outfit low level characters and see what I could do with pre-Moria quest rewards and crafted gear. Only handful of times have I actually used items acquired through the starter area outfitters and armor merchants. I will have to rectify that someday and begin looking at simpler and easily obtainable outfits while keeping the beginning player in mind.

For the first time, I've encountered the joys of FRAPS. I can't believe how vibrant these screenshots look in comparison to the rest of the ones I've taken! LOTRO saves screenshots in .jpg format, which somewhat reduces picture sharpness and dulls some of the colors.The free version of FRAPS saves your screenshots as .bmp files, which preserves all of the quality seen on your client in perfect detail. The program is free, so for those of you who like to take screenshots in LOTRO for whatever purpose, I'd recommend looking into it. I know that I'll be using the program as long as I'm gaming!

Head: Circlet of Men (Default, undyeable Anniversary Festival gift box version)
Shoulders: Supple Wildermore Shoulderpads of Tactics (Evendim Blue, T8 tailor Wildermore recipe)
Back: Cloak of the Silver Star (Evendim Blue, skirmish camp cosmetics vendor)
Chest: Robe of the Lady's Foresight (Evendim Blue, Lothlórien Rune-keeper class vendor - requires the Greater Elf-stone of Strength from DN)
Feet: Esquire's Light Shoes of Eruilan (Evendim Blue, skirm camp light armor vendor)
Special:  Student's Rune-satchel of Dagor (Evendim Blue, Rune-keeper class vendor)


  1. Yaaay, I'm super excited about that, thank you so much Nathrien! :D This is, indeed, one of those cosmetic pieces I would really, REALLY love to have in my vault- its design is really unique and it has such a huge potential. I always thought it would be great for Lorien or Mithlond-themed outfit, now I love your idea so much that I would really like to wear it myself one day :) I would never thought of combining this robe with Cloak of the Silver Star, but this is such a perfect match! And I love the general harmony of the blue, silver and golden hues in this outfit. Questing in Evending would be even nicer if I could look so well ;)
    Thank you again for squeezing it, and for sharing this wonderful inspiration!

    1. You're very welcome! The most difficult part of this outfit was finding something to match the muted sky blue in this one of a kind robe. I only knew of a handful of cosmetics that could pull that off, namely the mystery cloaks and the Cloak of the Silver star, all of which are available at the skirmish camp. Oddly enough, I was thinking of Lindon, the shipwrights, and the white ships that sail to Valinor as I was finishing this outfit on an elven character. It would have been nice to use Mithlond as a setting, but it's not in the game.

      Perhaps we should start asking that the DN sets, maybe the teal Moria sets too, be added to the cosmetic skirmish vendors. So many old sets have been added already : )

    2. I can't wait to see the Grey Havens in LOTRO, but for now, Evendim was a great location to make those screenshots- the colours of its water, sky, sands and ruins make it a perfect background for this outfit :)
      And I really hope to see this robe, alongside other DN pieces, available at skirmish camp or at Laila's Market one day!

  2. congratulations on getting the runekeeper chestpiece! it is one of the most beautiful robes, with the wave-like decorations and base pastel colors, the evendim blue dye is a nice contrast with the undyable pale yellow, very nice!

    1. Thank you! It really is one of the more unique pieces in the game. I had tried using shades of purple/violet and greens in conjunction with the complimentary base colors already there, but it wasn't working so well. The dyeable portion has a grey base, which made the darker shade of evendim blue a wonderful contrast with those yellow/cream colors. I've learned that sometimes you've got to work with what you already have : )


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