Saturday, March 1, 2014

Regalia of the Seven Stars - Andalost of Gladden

Unlike last week's post, I've returned to something bright and cheerful for the blog. For today, I want to return to one of the oldest robe skins in LOTRO and combine it with some lesser used and undyeable pieces from Annúminas. Sadly, using the original teal versions of the Annúminas gear in any outfit will automatically limit your color choices. You'll be bombarded with vibrant and quite regal strokes of purple, white, and gold. If you ever do use those pieces, try to stick to that color scheme.

I would have loved to get some better quality pictures of the robe itself, but my computer is rather unforgiving when it comes to the oldest cosmetics in the game, even when using DirectX 11 at ultra high settings. A shame, really. This happens to be my favorite skin on the old style robes. Who knows, maybe I'll start featuring more old gear in future posts. Too many of the early pieces have gone ignored due to the constant push to endgame content and cosmetics. If you've seen my cosmetic library, you'd notice most of my cosmetic gear consists of festival rewards and level 60+ gear.

While taking these screenshots, I've been thinking about Spring. Three weeks away and then the weather will gradually start getting warmer. Naturally, I had to fill these backgrounds with Spring colors and lots and lots and lots of beautiful flowers. Perhaps I will start a Spring Series this year in April. Last year I wasn't able to do it between my break from LOTRO and computer meltdown. Too much is currently happening between my gaming time and real life, but we'll see! : )

Thank you again everybody for your continued support for this blog!

Head: Circlet of the Seven Stars (Undyeable, classic skirm camp vendor - Annúminas light armor)
Shoulders: Nenuial's Shoulders (Undyeable, classic skirm camp vendor - Annúminas medium armor)
Back: Swan-cloak (Purple, LOTRO Store or lockbox reward)
Chest: Westernesse Robe of Vigour (White, world drop)**
Feet: Nenuial's Boots (Undyeable, classic skirm camp vendor - Annúminas medium armor)

**Shares appearance with the Silver Sceptre robes dropped from the Glinghant instance chest pre-HD.


  1. Striking use of old pieces, looks great! :D Looks very ready for springtime (sadly very distant on the horizon for me).

    1. Thanks! It's great to revive some of the older gear in the game from time to time. I've been meaning to get this robe on the blog for a while : )

      I too am looking forward to spring, and possibly some springtime outfitting. It's time for me to put that winter wardrobe away!

  2. I agree with Starry, wonderful combo of White and purple! I like a lot the shoulder pads, even if not dyable like their other version, I think the gold tassels really make them stand out. And the robe, is an evergreen hehe :D


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