Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hobnanigans Cosmetic Rewards

For the past six or so years, the community has been crying for Hobnanigans to make a return. Officially, today marks the first live re-release of the game! It will be running this week from May 9 to May 11, even though it's active at this very moment. I've been having a very enjoyable time, indulging in half a dozen games thus far. It's certainly an event nobody should miss, despite the bugs that pop up occasionally. I'm sure as time goes by, the kinks will be ironed out.

According to jwbarry, from the LOTRO Forums, "The intent is that this gets run once every month or so. Some of the prices are set to be earned in a single weekend, some are set to take a longer season to acquire." It's not the first half of that statement that worries's the latter.

The barter costs are so high that it's absolutely discouraging to get anything other than recipes and single use items. Recipes and other single use items range from 10 to 25 Hobnanigans Tokens. Housing decorations range from 60 to 300 tokens. Pets cost anywhere from 150 to 1200 tokens. Cosmetic items range from 150 to 600 tokens. There is something VERY IMPORTANT to note here. Some items require special tokens, which you trade up for with your normal tokens. These special ones require anywhere from 150 to 1200 Hobnanigans Tokens each, driving prices sky high. Liking that pet with that teal name? Collect 600 tokens for it, in addition to the special token requiring another 1800 tokens. Yup...essentially 2400 tokens for a single item. But, let it be said there's a chance the winning team will get one of those special tokens. However, I haven't seen anything other than the White Chicken Token (valued at 150 Hob Tokens) drop.

The way the game works, from what I've learned, is that you'll earn tokens no matter what. Everybody gets five tokens for participating in each 10 minute match, and then additional tokens if you win. Winning a game will net you ten additional tokens. It is going to take a long time to earn the cosmetic rewards and cosmetic pets, so I'm hoping that winning will provide a generous reward.

Below are the cosmetics offered and the required currency totals. Keep in mind that not all pieces are dyeable.  However, anything that is dyeable will feature a violet version to the far right. I won't be featuring the pets here, as I only post clothing and implements. : )

Blue Chicken Cloak and Red Chicken Cloak (300 Hobanigans Tokens each)

Hobnanigans Club Blue Quiver and Hobnanigans Club Red Quiver (600 Hobnanigans Tokens each) *

Blue Hobnanigans Cloak and Red Hobnanigans Cloak (150 Hobnanigans Tokens each)

Hobnanigans Club (300 Hobnanigans Tokens), Chicken Mask (150 Hobnanigans Tokens + 1 White Chicken Token**), 
and Cracked Egg Helm (150 Hobnanigans Tokens + 1 White Chicken Token**)

If you've been around long enough playing LOTRO, I'm certain you've noticed the number of reused skins here. The Chicken Cloaks are recolored versions of the metadeed Cloak of the Cluck, minus the special clickable animation. This can be earned by anyone doing the session plays at Sandson's Farm. The Hobnanigans Cloaks are the same as the Hooded Cloak of Plenty from the Farmers Faire. The mask is also from the Farmers Faire. I saw these and I was absolutely disappointed. For a game that the community continually pushed for, I don't think these are fair or unique awards. However, I'm going to assume that these skins have been reused for the newcomers to LOTRO as an alternative method to obtaining festival and deed rewards. I do apologize for the apparent anger in this paragraph...seeing rehashed items aggravates me to no end.

(If any skins or prices change when the next Hobnanigans Event happens, I will update the information here.)

*The club quivers are currently not dyed in-game, despite their names. However, based on the chicken cloaks, I've hopefully approximated the intended default colors.
**White Chicken Tokens cost 150 Hobnanigans Tokens each.

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