Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MME Updates Continued

Good morning everybody!

I'd like to apologize for the condition of this blog over the next several days. I'm starting to implement some of the changes I mentioned about a month ago. I'll be starting with a complete tag overhaul, which will involve modifying two years worth of outfit posts and streamlining the system I've been using. Some tags may stop working after updating enough of them. After all, in my early blogging days, tags were picked at random but weren't very consistent. Second, you may notice new pages or layout errors...I am starting to teach myself HTML because of Blogspot's limited resources. Since I don't speak any of the programming/coding languages yet, I thought this would be a good place to start. Third, I might be changing over some of the graphics found here, most likely moving towards a more Gondorian theme to match the direction that LOTRO is heading.

Thanks for your patience!


UPDATE 5/27/14 @ 6 PM EST: All tags have been reorganized and 80% of posts have been retagged. Please refer yourself to the header above to the "Finding and Outfit" page if any of the tags confuse you. I've got brief explanations beneath each category. Also, a brand new contact form has been uploaded and added to the header as well!

UPDATE 5/28/14 @ 8 PM EST: I've started playing around with template designs (manual HTML editing involved) and I may have found one that suits my needs. Changed the size of the content window to accomodate monitors 1600 pixels wide, which was an issue on the old format. Pages in the header bar below the blog logo are still a work in progress...the new template kinda messed up the text arrangement. That'll be next on my list, along with updating the "Taking a Screenshot" guide. I have also decided to use a general Middle-earth theme versus a Gondorian one. I thought it would be more prudent to have something that won't change with every expansion.

UPDATE 5/29/14 @ 5 PM EST: Added a new blog banner, as the old one was outdated and no longer matched the new layout and theme. Also, I've temporarily removed the "Taking a Screenshot" page and begun to rewrite it.

UPDATE 5/31/14 @ 1 PM EST: After four days of work, I've posted the new screenshot guide. I hope it lives up to everybody's expectations! And this should conclude the renovation of Material Middle-earth. *wipes sweat from brows*


  1. Hey! I'm happy for you that you're still enjoying LotRO and blogging. How's life?

    1. Life is going as well as expected. I've been busy with work, volunteer opportunities, and other real life activities, so I don't get to play my games very much. Right now, outfitting is about the only enjoyable activity left in LOTRO...at least for me. As for blogging? I've managed to keep up with a weekly pace and, in recent weeks, I've come to realize how badly this blog needed a revamp.

      How about you? Still on your zombie kick?

    2. Oh, not so much zombies anymore. Right now I'm mashing together mods for and playing Crusader Kings II. Dabbling in other games too, all on Steam.

      Yeah I've been more busy working myself! Like... sometimes only two nights a week I have time to play between various activities/work. Gonna try EQN, unless it starts looking worse and worse the closer it gets, a la TES:O

  2. I'm absolutely loving the new look! It gives your blog an exciting new feel, that's for sure! :) I particuarlly like the map of Middle-earth in the background!

    1. Thank you! It's a much needed change. I thought the map was a nice touch too, considering what lengths we fashionistas go to for the sake of good cosmetics and ideal locations. We certainly travel Middle-earth more than the average person :)


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