Saturday, April 7, 2018

Anórien Honor-guard

Running my High Elf Captain through Gondor Epic quests for trait points has allowed me to collect some exclusive cosmetic rewards I've foregone on previous alts. Volume 4 Book 4 offers some skins you can't get anywhere else for light, medium, and heavy armor classes. Originally, I thought the Epic rewards would share the same armor skins offered by the reputation vendors on the main level of Minas Tirith. It turned out that their appearances were quite different. Part of me wishes I could endure the reputation grind. The rest of me tells me not to bother. Why? Whenever I've been in that city, I've crashed to the desktop every ten or so minutes. I've only completed the main story on my alts and nothing else.

There wasn't much reason behind this particular attire other than "Hey! I've already used the Robe and Jacket of Anórien Mercy in previous outfits. Time to give the Armor of Anórien Mercy a try!" My expectations weren't all that high at first for a successful combination. I worked on this one for a few days, mixing and matching the contents of my wardrobe and multiple storage alts overflowing with crafted and bound cosmetics. I was ready to give up on the heavy Anórien chest and legs when I decided to give the skirmish camp a shot. It had never occurred to me peek at the Erebor sets, as I only have one character that meets the barter requirements. In the Captain's sets, I found gloves and boots that worked. Not exactly a conventional combination, but I loved the end result!

Having finished this outfit, I had an afterthought. I could be wrong, but I believe the Anórien heavy armor sets were the last to have fully designed and distinguishable chest and leg pieces. It was and still is disappointing. With the release of Northern Ithilien and all following areas, heavy armor returned to the hauberk or tunic-like onesies that covered both the chest and legs slots in appearance. Even though there were leggings that could be equipped, if you were to examine them by themselves, you would have found generic-looking black or grey pants. Fabric pants make no sense with plate, mail, or chain armor. I don't know if there have been limitations in SSG's art department, but I hope that we can return to having actual heavy leg armor someday.

Shoulders: Hyrde-axle (Shire peach, selectable reward from the 3.4.10 Epic quest)
Back: Plain Cloak (Crimson, any starter area Outfitter)
Chest: Armor of Anórien Mercy (Red, reward from the 4.4.7 Epic subquest)
Legs: Leggings of the Anórien Fields (Red, reward from the 4.4.6 Epic quest)
Hands: Gloves of the Erebor Leader (Default, Heavy Armor skirm camp vendor - Erebor Captain's armor)
Feet: Boots of the Erebor Leader (Default, Heavy Armor skirm camp vendor - Erebor Captain's armor)

Weapon: Heavy Bright Steel Greatsword (T3 Weaponsmith recipe)


  1. love the red and gold! And also the epic last screen, nicely captured :)

    1. Thank you! Taking that last picture took multiple attempts and the Haradrim rider was a bonus!


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