Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sword Skins Collection Pt. 1

I sorely miss Darzil's Crafting Guide. Most players at the time went there to see armor skins, usually in full sets, but some went there for weapons. (Using weapons cosmetically back then was strictly for RP purposes.) You could find anything crafted or bartered there up to level 65. By the time Isengard had been released, somewhere around 2012, the person running Darzil's had decided to step down. He had informed the community of his decision and offered to keep the site running, so long as someone else was willing to come forward and actively work on the site. Darzil's remained active for another three years, closing in 2015 because the people who expressed a desire to take over performed no work whatsoever.

It was a significant loss suffered by the cosmetic and crafting community. At the time, the loss of armor visuals were felt far more keenly than the weapons. Several months later, in late 2015/early 2016, cosmetic weapon overlays were introduced, adding salt to the proverbial wound. Myndariel, bless her soul, has been gradually working on a visual crafting guide over the past couple of years. It's still far from finished, but it's the closest the community has gotten to Darzil's.

I will try to do my best. Just like with the staves I recently shared, I'll show you my collection of swords and where I found them, along with other places they appear. Here's the first part!

And as usual, if you know of another weapon shares the same skin and isn't listed below, let me know!

 Amdillang - Unobtainable. Dropped from the Warden in Dungeons of Dol Guldur before the scaling update.
Wyrm Fang - Unobtainable. Grisgart in the Helegrod Drake Wing dropped this only when the caps were 65 and 75.
Blade of Unity -- Reward from the Epic quest 2.7.3

 Angolgrist - Reward from the Dunland quest Stronger Competition
Defender of Gwingris - Reward from the Eregion quest Remaining Goods
Malledhrim Sword of Defence or Warding - Outputs of the Malledhrim Sword recipe.

Anwarchris - Reward from the quest Plague-bearer of the North

 Avorchrist - Bartered from Istuigon at Iorlen's Camp near The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu

 Baingrist - Obsolete sword obtained from Gortheron's T2C chest in Ost Dunhoth before the scaling update.
Replica of Baingrist - Obtained from Gorgoroth Lootboxes or bartered from the Traveller's Quartermaster in Bree-town, Galtrev, or 21st Hall.

 Barbed Blade of Rhûn - Bartered from the Defenders of Minas Tirith reputation faction

 Belegmegil - A rare drop from Crisiant and Usgarren in T2 Tower of Orthanc
Potent Valorous Sword of Prowess - Obtainable from scalable raids/instances when the level cap was 115

 Burnhoth's Steel Blade - Reward from the Rohan quest Eaworth Under Siege
Pitted Norcrofts Sword - Bartered from an Eastemnet Shields, Weapons and Jewellery Quartermaster in Rohan

 Calenard Sword - Crafted from the T7 Weaponsmith recipe of the same name

Celegmagol - A rare drop from Kâlbak in T2 Tower of Orthanc

 Ceremonial Easterling Sword - Bartered from Bert Bartleby at Harwick in The Wold (Bingo Boffin chain)

 Congrist -  Bartered from Himhúl at Iorelen's Camp near The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu

 Free-cutter - Dropped by Lagmâs in Urugarth
Ithilwegil - A rare drop from Kâlbak in T2 Tower of Orthanc

Gadaric's Blade - Reward from the Lone-lands quest Vengeance for the Lost 

 Hanglang - A rare drop from Saruman in T2 Tower of Orthanc
Tollang - Bartered from the classic skirmish camp vendor under Annuminas Treasure
Rogmul's Disdain - Very rare drop from Udúnion in Barad Gularan

 Malendol's Sword - Reward from the Epic Quest 2.9.6 

 Mestari-vimma - Crafted from the Lossoth reputation recipe of the same name.

 Minstrel's/Champion's/Warden's/Burglar's/Guardian's/Captain's/Hunter's Sword of the First Age, level 59 - Bartered from the Legendary Lore-master vendors in 21st Hall, Bree, Lothlorien, and The Great Delving

Minstrel's/Champion's/Warden's/Burglar's/Guardian's/Captain's/Hunter's Sword of the First Age, level 60 - Bartered from the Legendary Lore-master vendors in 21st Hall, Bree, Lothlorien, and The Great Delving 

 Minstrel's/Champion's/Warden's/Burglar's/Guardian's/Captain's/Hunter's Sword of the Second Age, level 55 - Very rare drop that's best farmed from mid-level instances or zones in Moria.

Minstrel's/Champion's/Warden's/Burglar's/Guardian's/Captain's/Hunter's Sword of the Second Age, level 56 - Very rare drop that's best farmed from mid-level instances or zones in Moria.

 Keen Falchion of Gráriks's Armouries - Crafted from the Sword of Gráriks's Armouries recipe

Keen Falchion of Thorin - Crafted from the Thorin's Sword recipe


  1. Defender of Gwingris shares appearance with one of two crafted one-handed swords from Malledhrim reputation recipe.

    1. Thank you! I'll go confirm and update that :)

  2. Erymbes' Sword from Vol II, Book 9, Chapter 6: Scouting Taur Morvith shares the same appearance as Hanglang / Tollang / Rogmul's Disdain.

  3. Amdillang / Wyrm Fang / Blade of Unity shares appearance with Daellang, which drops from Bashkuga (boss 2) in Halls of Crafting as of Update 22.

  4. there is a one-handed orc looking sword as well, its got a slight reverse curve and a backward facing barb. ancient sword i think is its name.

  5. Ancient Sword, sorry for the bad quality image.


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