Saturday, October 19, 2013

Harvestmath Series - Scarlet Witch

It's mid-October and Halloween (some of us refer to it as All Hallow's Eve) is fast approaching. Last year, I had a triple feature post with ideas for outfits and costumes related to the season. This year, I'm expanding the costume theme to a general Harvestmath theme, using gear and colors appropriate to the festival or the spirit of the season. I'll be occasionally posting outfits of this nature until mid-November. If I'm feeling creative, I might even attempt to reclaim some of the lesser-used Harvestmath cosmetics.

The festival starts on Tuesday, Oct 22nd this year and ends on Monday, November 4th. Hopefully, we'll get some new cosmetics this year. If this is your first year for this event, feel free to check out my Harvestmath Festival 2012 post for a list of previously obtainable pieces.

Once a year, it seems, I break out the Lore-keeper's Shoulders from Barad Guldur. I remember the days when you had to compete for a shoulder token from the Lieutenant on a Lore-master of level 65 and higher (which I was fortunate enough to win). Nowadays, you can get them from the classic vendor at the skirmish camps for some amount of marks and medallions. This time, I dyed them crimson and made those shoulders the focal point of this outfit.

I apologize for the darkness of these pictures. Recently, I had a bit of an accident with my former monitor involving a bowl of cereal and the cat. Long story short, she knocked the bowl out of my hands as I was getting up and milk flew everywhere. Good thing the insurance policy covered spills! I've gone from a brightly lit LCD display to a new LED with a much higher contrast making darks darker and brights brighter. Honestly, I couldn't believe the difference between the two of them. I'll have to fiddle around with my game settings in the meantime. If I had the time this week to retake these screenshots, I would.

Head: Ceremonial Hat of the Elder Days (Crimson, Rift skirm camp cosmetic - light armor)
Shoulders: Lore-keeper's Shoulders (Crimson, Barad Guldur classic skirmish camp vendor - light armor)
Back: Ceremonial Defender's Cloak (Crimson, LOTRO Store or lockbox)
Chest: Elegant Formal Dress (Crimson, LOTRO Store)


  1. the shoulder-circlet-cloak combo is very nice in crimson, and the last screenie is very suggestive, nice work! :D

    1. Thank you! At first, I wasn't sure if I would like this outfit with the odd combination of pieces. It took a week of wandering about Middle-earth before it finally grew on me : )

  2. The screenshots look great on my monitor!

    I'm loving the combination of the shoulders and frock, great match! Also the shot too of her menacing that poor hobbit-lad with her witchy ways. Great start to the spooky season! :D

    1. Thanks! While I was running around the Old Forest taking pictures, I saw that hobbit just standing there. I couldn't help but terrorize him and work that boo emote into this post!


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