Saturday, March 6, 2021

Silvered Feather


After nearly eleven years of playing LOTRO, there are still many cosmetics I haven't collected. Most of them, unfortunately, are from raids like Throne of Dread Terror, Amdan Dammul, and Remmorchant or faction rewards that require high reputation. And then there are some that I've had my eye on for years, like the Faramir-themed sets. Back in January, I collected my final Morgul Crest from a Roving Threat in the North Downs, later spending all twenty on the Robe of Faramir's Faithful. Thanks to the wonderful Gracelenrose and Narufind of Gladden and their weekly RT and Scourge runs, collecting this robe was possible. I wish these crests had a better drop rate from RTs. because those Faramir sets are gorgeous! The only other way to earn these crests is by trading Ithil-coins earned from Throne of Dread Terror, which is rarely run nowadays.

(Just a quick and shameless plug: if you are on Gladden, Grace and Nar scout a scheduled set of RTs or Scourges every Tuesday and publicly share the coords on the RT Discord server. Every Saturday night at 7 PM EST is the live RT/Scourge group, which is pre-scouted. These are scheduled in advance and will either fall into one of three categories: Eriador, Gondor and The Wastes, or Scourges and the Nine. If you'd like in on these groups, watch for advertisements or PM Gracelenrose for the server info.)

The robe, being from Gondor, boasts an absolutely stunning design combining star-shaped studs embedded in crosshatched leather and a elegant wings etched in silver fabric. I highly recommend using other wing or feather-themed cosmetics when creating an outfit using this. It also dyes boldly and brilliantly, making any dye applied look gorgeous. However, I think the pastel or muted colors work best. I do have a handful of other ideas using the Robe of Faramir's Faithful given its versatility. Whether or not I get to them, that's a different story. But this color and cosmetic combination is the best I can currently offer!

Shoulders: Strong Shoulder Guards of the Reclaimed City (Umber, reward from The Fallen King Renewed)
Back: Swan-cloak (Umber, LOTRO Store)
Chest: Robe of Faramir's Faithful (Lorien gold, Osgiliath Rewards Quartermaster found inside Húrin's Hall at Bâr Húrin)
Hands: Gloves of the Great Alliance (Lorien gold, Minas Morgul Collector's Edition purchase)
Feet: Boots of the Great Alliance (Lorien gold, Minas Morgul Collector's Edition purchase)


  1. I think this might be one of my favorite outfits you've done. The color combination is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Mak! I wish I'd seen this comment sooner!


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